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  • Cancer Focus Northern Ireland is a cancer charity working since 1969 to reduce the impact of cancer on people’s lives. The organization provides care and support services for cancer patients and their families, offers a range of cancer prevention programs to help people lessen their risk of getting cancer, funds scientific research into the causes and treatment of the disease, and campaigns for better health policy to protect the community and its future.

    As part of the Irish government's current 10 year skin cancer prevention initiative, Cancer Focus Northern Ireland has selected the Solarmeter Model 6.5 UV Index Meter to demonstrate UV exposure outdoors, in order to promote public understanding of the UV index. Cancer Focus Northern Ireland joins a long list of similar organizations worldwide, including SunSmart Australia, who also utilize the Solarmeter Model 6.5 UV Index Model for similar public awareness purposes.

    To learn more about any of our devices, please browse our site, give us a call at 215-517-8700, or send us an email at info@solarmeter.com.

    Cancer Focus Northern Ireland

  • Dr. Frances Baines, M.A., Vet.M.B., M.R.C.V.S,. is the world’s foremost authority in the field of visible and UV light for reptiles. She is an advisor to many prestigious associations, such as the Reptile and Amphibian Working Group of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums. You can visit her website for more detailed information here: http://www.uvguide.co.uk/

    Dr. Baines recently published her most comprehensive article ever on the subject of proper UV levels for reptiles. The piece is entitled “An In-Depth Look At UV Light And Its Proper Use With Reptiles,” available in the January / February 2017 issue of REPTILES Magazine. Her article highlights some new findings from recent research, including the role of UVB in the creation of vitamin D3 in reptiles, as well as how both professional and consumer reptile owners can determine the proper amount of UV for their animals’ needs.

    Throughout this important article, Dr. Baines uses the Solarmeter Model 6.5 as the gold standard for highly accurate UV Index measurement required in veterinary applications. The Model 6.5 is especially adept in measuring UV irradiance in wavelengths that are most closely associated with vitamin D3 synthesis.

    To learn more about any of our devices, please browse our site, give us a call at 215-517-8700, or send us an email at info@solarmeter.com.

    Dr. Frances Baines

    Dr. Frances M. Baines takes measurements in the field using the Solarmeter Model 6.5 UV Index Meter

  • Raphi Strauss is Israel’s first diagnosed case of Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP,) an extremely rare and incurable skin disorder. Those afflicted with XP lack the natural immunity that normal skin pigmentation creates, and as a result cannot repair the skin damage caused by exposure to UV light. For those with XP, even minimal exposure to UV leads to severe sunburn, blistering, and permanent skin cell death. These damaged cells often become cancerous, leading to severe bouts of melanoma.

    The only way a person with XP can prevent such symptoms is by avoiding UV light altogether. By using the Solarmeter Model 5.7 Sensitive Total UV Meter, XP patients all over the world test light conditions, in order to monitor UV transmission outdoors, indoors, and through windows. Mr. Strauss recently called us to tell us his story, including ensuring over 300 surgeries and over 60,000 biopsies. Using the Model 5.7 has helped him stay safer than otherwise possible, improving the quality of his life.

    We at Solarmeter are proud to produce products which help XP support groups worldwide, from the XP Family Support Group in California to the XP Society Of Israel, and several other related organizations which monitor UV exposure for patients living with xeroderma pigmentosum.

    To learn more about any of our devices, please browse our site, give us a call at 215-517-8700, or send us an email at info@solarmeter.com.

    Raphi Strauss, Founder of XP Society of Israel

    Raphi Strauss, Founder of The XP Society of Israel

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