Ready for Memorial Day? Here’s our guide for sun safety…

Are You Ready For Memorial Day?!


After weeks of stay-at-home orders, everyone is looking forward to the easing of restrictions and warmer weather. Memorial Day kicks off the summer, but this year will look drastically different due to COVID-19. We encourage you to enjoy being outdoors during this trying time, even if it means wearing a mask and social distancing. In addition to these new safety precautions, we’re here to remind you best practices for protecting yourself while enjoying some time in the sun!

Stuck Inside This Weekend?


For those of you staying indoors due to inclement weather or general restrictions, we hope you enjoy this wordsearch activity with your children and use it as a teaching opportunity about sun protection!

The Solarmeter® Model 6.5 is a handheld digital UV Index radiometer with an integral sensor. This easy-to-use meter allows you to monitor the UV index yourself, making it the perfect instrument to bring on any outing or getaway to determine the precautions necessary to protect your skin!