Solarmeter's new Model 8.0RP UVC Meter combines the same NIST-traceable accuracy and reliability you’re used to from the standard Model 8.0 UVC Meter with a remote probe on a 3 foot (0.91 meter) cable. The probe is black anodized aluminum for maximum durability and light weight, and measures a compact 0.8” high x 1.6” diameter (20.3mm high x 40.6mm diameter.) Compared to the standard model’s fixed position sensor, the remote probe provides an added measure of flexibility in positioning during measurements. This can be of critical importance in typical applications with limited space such as monitoring UVC germicidal lamp intensity and aging, measuring germicidal lamp fixture leakage, and testing eyewear UVC blocking capabilities.

Like the rest of the Solarmeter family, Model 8.0RP is compact, handheld, and durable, with simple single pushbutton operation. This unit will allow our customers to take accurate measurements in tight locations easily and safely, with the Made in USA quality Solarmeter is famous for!