Don’t miss the HortiCann Light + Tech Conference starting TOMORROW!

The HortiCann Lighting and Tech Conference is the premier event for commercial growers, greenhouse manufacturers, urban and vertical farmers, horticultural lighting specialists, and more. Attendees can learn about the latest developments in energy and cost savings, environmental controls, test and measurement, lighting optimization, and business and operations software. And since this is a virtual event, there are limitless opportunities to take part in networking, interact with manufacturers, participate in panel events, and interface with keynote speakers.

Solarmeter® GrowMeters and Solar Light PAR Sensors

Solarmeter® by Solar Light Company Inc. ensures healthy plant growth. The Solarmeter® handheld meters are simple, point-and-click NIST-traceable devices that measure both indoor and outdoor light sources. The Model 9.4G Blue Light GrowMeter is used to monitor blue light intensity necessary to produce strong, healthy stems and leaves. Our Model 9.6G Red Light GrowMeter monitors the red light intensity that produces beautiful flowers and delicious fruit. Solar Light Company, LLC also offers the Model PMA2132 Digital Quantum Light Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Sensor for accurate measurements in greenhouses, growth chambers and open environments. Full data logging capabilities and alarm set-points are available for up to 2-channels.